Adult Tennis Classes

tennis coach instructing adults

Learn 2 Play 

Get on the court and discover how fun the game truly is. This class is designed for new players or those who have not played in awhile. Our coaches will prepare you for singles and doubles, teach scoring and the skills needed to play the game. When our coaches feel you have moved up a level you can join in our in-house leagues or a club USTA team.

Receive a new racquet when registering for this class the first time. 

12 Week Season
Days and times..
7:30-8:30 pm
Feb 14-May 9
Mar 23-May 11
No Class
Mar 14
12 weeks, $255  8 weeks, $180

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Drills 4 Skills

Becoming a good player doesn't happen overnight - it takes hours of on-court practice. Our coaches will help your skills and teach you strategy! Classes are a combination of technical and live ball drills.

12 Week Season    
 Days Available...   
8:30-10:00 am
Feb 10-May 19
9:15-10:45 am
Feb 13-May 8 
Wednesday FULL
7-8:30 pm
Feb 13-May 8
No class
Mar 10
Apr 21
May 12
No class
Mar 13 
No class
Mar 13 
 12 Weeks, $335   



Fit 2 Hit

No matter what level of tennis you play, being fit will improve your game and help you stay injury free. Our coaches will work on your overall fitness, focusing on cardiovascular, muscular and flexibility. Please RSVP by calling the club. Members 10% off.

Days and times...
Every Sunday
12:00-1:00 pm
$22 Drop In


Team Practices

We offer 90 minute training exercises on tactics, strategy, techniques and mental training. Contact us to set up your team practice.